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Shakti's Sacred Dance Workshops

Shakti is ecstatic to be back on Kaua'i and is offering 2 classes on ancient sacred dance in celebration of her return:

The workshops will be held at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Studio in the Dragon Building. Suggested donation is $10/class or $15 for both classes. For more information, please contact us at shakti.dance@gmail.com.

Shakti Bellydancing     

Physical Health Benefits of Mideastern dance

Mideastern Dance is an ancient form of exercise designed to strengthen and tone women's core muscles, arms, and legs. Mideastern Dance is extremely low impact and very fun and energizing. For those looking to lose weight, its caloric effect is roughly comparable to that of a low-impact aerobics class. Yet Mideastern Dance is a lot of fun and most students feel energized and happy when they finish class

In Mideastern Dance, the knees should always be flexed. Hip and torso isolations in this position strengthen the quadriceps, glutes, and calves as well as the muscles that stabilize the knees and ankles. All of this is accomplished with virtually no impact to the joints. Also, the knee flexion and relaxation of the pelvis required for most isolations relieve stress that can occur in the lower back, placing it firmly on the quads, which strengthen to handle it.

The back muscles are also exercised evenly in Mideastern Dance. Hip, torso, shoulder, and head isolations exercise and coordinate all of the muscles in the back in a gentle, controlled fashion. As the back is worked out, so too are the muscles in the front and sides of a woman's body. Muscle development is even throughout the woman's core and posture will gradually improve under the guidance of a conscientious teacher. As an added benefit, Mideastern Dance greatly strengthens the abdominal and corset muscles, which frequently translates to a narrower waistline.

Mideastern Dance has traditionally been regarded by tribal societies as good exercise to prepare women for pregnancy and childbirth. In women who have had children, substantial restoration of abdominal tone can be accomplished through Mideastern Dance. Some assert that gastric and metabolic functions can also be improved through Mideastern Dance. Shoulder isolations are known to massage the thyroid just as stomach isolations massage the gastro-intestinal tract and hip isolations stimulate the reproductive tract. 

One of the biggest surprises people find in Mideastern Dance is how strong their arms must become in order to support the graceful, flowing moves that characterize the dance! Veil work, in particular, gently works the triceps, shoulders, and biceps. The traditional "snake arms" further develop the triceps, creating surprisingly strong, well-formed arms.

Overall, Mideastern Dance strengthens and tones the entire woman's body slowly and evenly with very little impact. Mideastern Dance is a gift to all women and its practice can, over time, effectively tone your body into its personal, optimal physical shape. This is true regardless of your body type or skeletal proportions. Arms become stronger, posture improves, bellies tighten, legs and glutes strengthen and grow. There is no one "type" of body that's right for Mideastern Dance. It is designed to benefit all women's muscular, physical structures. Plus it's a lot of fun, so try it out and see for yourself what it can do for you!

Other Mideastern & Sacred Dance Class Topics

Cinnamon Phoenix offers Mideastern and Sacred Dance classes in Kaua'i, Hawai'i
For more information, please contact us at: shakti.dance@gmail.com
(808) 635-0688