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Shakti's Sacred Dance Workshops

Shakti is ecstatic to be back on Kaua'i and is offering 2 classes on ancient sacred dance in celebration of her return:

The workshops will be held at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Studio in the Dragon Building. Suggested donation is $10/class or $15 for both classes. For more information, please contact us at shakti.dance@gmail.com.

Shakti Bellydancing     

Directions of Movement in Sacred Dance:
Lesson 1 - Isolations & Basic Geometry

Sacred Mideastern Dance is all about geometry. We learn to isolate specific locations in the body and use them to draw patterns in the air. You can think of the center of the motion as a single point
bellydance point

which we learn to move in different directions.
Left to right (horizontally): or up and down (vertically): or front to back (undulant):
horizontal vertical undulant

Once we have mastered moving in these directions & finding these points:

Horizontal Vertical Undulant:
horizontal movement vertical movement undulant movement

We can start joining them into diamonds:
horizontal + vertical horizontal + undulant undulant + vertical
vertical points flat points undulant points
when joined together in continuous movement, these points to create a...
vertical diamond flat diamond undulant diamond
vertical diamond flat diamond undulant diamond



Which after mastering, we can smooth out into circles...
vertical circle flat circle undulation
circle vertical circle flat circle undulant

It is very important to your balanced development that all motions are learned in both directions. For example, any motion learned clockwise should also be learned counter-clockwise. Very often, people discover that one direction is easier than the other. If you practice the side that is harder a tiny bit more, both ways will soon become equally easy. 

As we learn to move our body through these circles at various locations in our bodies (particularly the chakras), energetic and physical blockages must be (and are) dissolved. This is one of the core powers of the practice.

Other Mideastern & Sacred Dance Class Topics

Cinnamon Phoenix offers Mideastern and Sacred Dance classes in Kaua'i, Hawai'i
For more information, please contact us at: shakti.dance@gmail.com
(808) 635-0688