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Kaua'i Sacred Dance Class Schedule

Shakti is ecstatic to be back on Kaua'i and is offering 2 classes on ancient sacred dance in celebration of her return:

The workshops will be held at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Studio in the Dragon Building. Suggested donation is $10/class or $15 for both classes. For more information, please contact us at shakti.dance@gmail.com.

Shakti Bellydancing     

Sacred Dance Classes in Kaua'i, Hawai'i

Many experts say that mideastern dance is the oldest form of dance, having roots in all ancient cultures from the Orient to India, through Persia and into Egypt & Northern Africa. In many parts of the middle east it is part of women's cultural heritage (the "sacred women's dance") passed on from mother to daughter. In my practice and teaching of this ancient, sacred dance form, I seek to elicit and honor the strength and beauty found in every woman while training the body to redevelop its natural responsiveness to the energy of the spirit so that intention can manifest smoothly in any physical movement that spirit inspires. Mideastern dance is particularly well-suited to this because it was designed by women for women to strengthen the body and nourish the spirit.

Mideastern dancing is gentle and natural to a woman's bone and muscle structure with movements emanating from the torso. In my practice, I teach women how to use isolations at specific locations to increase internal body awareness and self-control while raising their energy levels in a controlled and directable fashion. I am particularly careful to develop all of the chakras in a balanced fashion so that as the student's ability to open to divine source grows, their energetic channels are open and strong enough to receive and direct the incoming power according to their intentions. As a teacher, I gradually introduce my students to this practice, progressing from easy (=familiar) moves to difficult (unfamiliar) moves over a long period of study. I find that my students typically range from happy to ecstatic by the end of class even when they have arrived loaded with tensions or external concerns.

My classes emphasize a complete vocabulary of isolation, geometry, location, enunciation, combination, and visualization. When these component elements are combined and mastered, a student gains the ability of free energetic flow throughout their core. I encourage my students to freely express themselves and build their own personal style and artistitry from these endlessly combinable elements of this traditional art form.



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Other Workshops Shakti Offers

Cinnamon Phoenix offers Mideastern and Sacred Dance classes in Kaua'i, Hawai'i
For more information, please contact us at: shakti.dance@gmail.com
(808) 635-0688